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My work is centered on people whose trauma has been caused by abuse – chiefly child sexual abuse, and / or narcissistic relationships. I provide support, information, and education, to people with histories of abuse, and the people who support them.

Among the programmes I offer are The Lilac Programme (for parents who were sexually abused as children); The Ivy Programme (for daughters of narcissistic mothers); The Pink Orchid Course for women who wish to reclaim their sexuality after sexual violence, and The Verbena Programme (for parents of children and teens who were sexually abused.

For medical professionals – including nurses, midwives, doctors, dentists, lactation consultants, and social workers – I offer courses in providing trauma-sensitive care to women with histories of child sexual abuse. Should you prefer, I can work with you to tailor-make a programme for you, and / or your organisation. In addition, should you require a speaker for an event, or a professional to provide a lecture, or a series of lectures, I would be happy to discuss your needs.

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