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My work is centered on people with histories of abuse, chiefly child sexual abuse and narcissistic relationships. I provide support, information, and education to people with histories of abuse, and the people who support them.

I offer programmes for parents who were sexually abused as children, daughters and sons of narcissistic mothers, women who wish to reclaim their sexuality post-sexual abuse and parents of children and teens who were sexually abused as children.

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Woman Up! Podcast

Woman Up! is a podcast presented by me. An A-Cast production, It’s by, for, and about women – and the issues that matter to us.

The initial episode will drop on October 1st – when my guest will be the inimitable (and very funny!) Aoife Martin. Later in October, which is Black History Month, I’ll be joined by a Jane Xavier, who is (among other things) a Black woman activist.

Clearly, I’m featuring incredible women in the first month – but I can promise you, I won’t lose my momentum. Wait until you see who is going to join me in November!

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The Two Norries

I was very honoured to have been a guest on the award-winning podcast The Two Norries, hosted by James Leonard and Timmy Long for their

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Sex Positive Parenting

More and more frequently, in my discussions with other parents about sex positivity, parenting, and being sex-positive parents, I hear mention of how they are

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Breastfeeding After CSA

The first week of August was World Breastfeeding Awareness Month, but the United States Breastfeeding Committee has declared the whole month of August Breastfeeding Awareness

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