‘Woman Love Thyself’ is a workshop that I have presented in person (in the Before Times!). The women who have taken the workshop have reported that it makes a real difference to how they view, think about, and love themselves. It’s now a video that you can watch, at your leisure, as many times as you like!

This workshop was designed because I got fed up reading self-help books that told me that I must love myself in order to love someone else; live the life I deserve; live the life of my dreams; have successful relationships etc. etc.  I tired of hearing this on self-development courses that I attend when nobody could answer the question ‘How?’

A few years ago, I went to a counsellor and asked her how to love myself. She asked me not to  come back.

It dawned on me that no one else was going to be able – or willing  – to answer this question for me. So, I started a quest in earnest to answer my own question ‘How do you love yourself?’

This workshop is my way of sharing with you some of what I have learnt, and what I have realised, along the way.

The video is an hour and twenty minutes long, and includes meditations, writing exercises, tips, tricks and some insight into affirmations (and why they don’t work!).

Here’s what other people are saying about it:

Your workshop is so engaging, so human, so refreshing, and I love the examples and humour you bring to it! ‘

​’Honestly, the whole experience made me feel so, so loved.’

This is such a generous gift to the world, Hazel. Thank you so much.’

I love this video!! I love how you stay with us and do the writing exercises as we’re doing them. It makes me feel that you’re right there in the room with me.’

Woman Love Thyself Workshop