The Pink Orchid Retreat (Special Discount)

As a woman with a history of child sexual abuse, do you:

* Feel like your body doesn’t really belong to you?
* Find sexual pleasure difficult to access?
* Feel you don’t ‘deserve’ to feel sexual pleasure?
* Disassociate when you’re trying to be intimate?
* Find it difficult to stay in your body during sex?
* Say ‘Yes’ to sex you don’t really want?
* Feel obliged to provide sex for your partner?
* Wonder what an orgasm feels like?
* Find it difficult to ask for what you like?
* Initiate sex?
* Know what you like sexually?
* Avoid looking at, or touching, your own body?

Would you like to turn every ‘Yes’ into a ‘No’?

Then join me, and seven other women with similar histories, for an exclusive retreat in The Boghill Centre in April.

From Friday to Sunday, we will talk, laugh, make Art, journal, hold space for each other, and take part in a series of workshops – including an exclusive two-hour womb healing workshop with the wonderful Ffion Thomas.

We’ll talk about loving ourselves, and I’ll share how I managed to learn to love myself after a lifetime of sexual violence at the hands of family members, former partners, and strangers.

We’ll eat together, walk together, learn together, and heal together.

All this healing will take place in the heart of the beautiful Burren in Co. Clare.

The Beautiful Burren

The cost of this retreat – which includes all meals, snacks, single accommodation for each participant, and a swag bag for each particpant is €1,500.

There are, however, a limited number of discounted tickets available. Buy now, and avail of the discounted price of €1,000 (usual price €1,500).

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The Pink Orchid Retreat – Special Discount