The Pink Orchid Retreat

As a woman with a history of child sexual abuse, do you:

* Feel like your body doesn’t really belong to you?
* Find sexual pleasure difficult to access?
* Feel you don’t ‘deserve’ to feel sexual pleasure?
* Disassociate when you’re trying to be intimate?
* Find it difficult to stay in your body during sex?
* Say ‘Yes’ to sex you don’t really want?
* Feel obliged to provide sex for your partner?
* Wonder what an orgasm feels like?
* Find it difficult to ask for what you like?
* Initiate sex?
* Know what you like sexually?
* Avoid looking at, or touching, your own body?

Would you like to turn every ‘Yes’ into a ‘No’?

Then join me, and seven other women with similar histories, for an exclusive retreat in The Boghill Centre in April.

There are a limited number of Early Bird Tickets (€1,200) available. The price increases to €1,500 on March 9th.
To get your Early Bird Ticket, click on the button below:

Pink Orchid Retreat