The Ivy Programme

The Ivy Programme – for daughters of narcissistic mothers – will be running once more before the end of the year. 

Narcissistic mothers poison their daughters: They lie, undermine, ridicule, invalidate, and gaslight, us. The Ivy Programme is the antidote to that poison.

Each session in this eight-week programme is packed full of learning, information, and the opportunity to practice what you’re learning. I guarantee that your truth will be heard, borne witness to, and validated by other women who have experienced very similar things.

Working through a series of topics – including shame, guilt, forgiveness, trust, boundaries, and , you will learn techniques to deal with your narcissistic mother, and gain opportunities to practice these techniques with other participants. You will be offered the opportunity to build your own community with other women in a similar situation, that will continue beyond the eight weeks you spend together.

Each week, I will provide you with some supporting ‘homework’ to help you reflect on, and extend, the work we’ll have already done together. I will also check in with you every Friday to see how you are. 

What Others Have Said:

‘Thank you. My deepest and most sincere gratitude for making this amazing effort for us.’ – MH, USA

‘I’ve never done a workshop I enjoyed this much. It became the highlight of my week.’ – JDG, England

‘I highly recommend this course. It’s quite gentle and supportive.’ – CH, USA

‘These workshops changed my life’ – YR, Sweden

‘I feel calmer and stronger and more able to let go of the negative feelings that I felt prior to the programme.’ – S. McV, USA

The Ivy Programme

Full payment for the eight-week programme, including weekly support exercises, weekly check-in, and community access.