DONMs Liberation Course

Narcissistic mothers poison their daughters: They lie, undermine, ridicule, invalidate, and gaslight, us. For that, the DONMs Liberation Course is the antidote. This eight-week course will run from Monday October 3rd, until November 28th, from 7pm until 9.30pm (Irish time). Each session is packed full of learning, information, and the opportunity to practice what you’re learning. […]

Doula Services

Back in 2005, I returned to Ireland, and realised there were no practicing doulas in the country. As the only practicing doula here, I brought Doula Training to Ireland for the first time that year. Doulas are no longer an unusual feature in lives of families. I continue to practice, but I only work with […]

The Lilac Programme

For Parents Who Were Sexually Abused As Children For people who were sexually abused as children – roughly 20% of the adult population – certain life events can be particularly difficult. Among these are pregnancy and birth, as well as their child reaching the age at which they (the parent) were first (or first recall) […]

Sex Education For Teenagers

I offer sex education for teenagers that moves beyond what is offered on the RSE curriculum. I address the issues of abuse, and – knowing that children and teenagers are more likely to disclose to a peer – offer participants information on how to deal with disclosure. Aware that teachers aren’t empowered to know how […]