About Me

I’m Hazel Katherine Larkin, and I’m a survivor of child sexual abuse, trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, domestic violence, rape and narcissistic abuse from my mother and former partners.

I’m also honoured to be Mum to my two (adult) daughters.

Academically, I hold a BA (Hons) in Psychology & Sociology; an MA in Sexuality Studies; an LLM in International Human Rights Law, from Queen’s University in Belfast; and I’m in the final year of a PhD. My area of research is transgenerational trauma with specific regard to Irish women and child sexual abuse.

My first qualification, though, is in Theatre. It’s my first love, and I bring my Drama background to much of what I do. Drama, and Theatre, are hugely therapeutic tools and can help us tell our stories, and bear witness to others’. We are all all about our stories, and in finding meaning in our own narratives.

I research, write, lecture, teach, and train within my areas of expertise; trauma and abuse.

Many of the courses and trainings I offer are not provided by anyone else in the country. For example, the courses I offer to parents who were sexually abused as children, and those I offer to parents of children who were sexually abused, were designed, created, and piloted by me in response to needs expressed by anguished parents who contacted me.

In addition, I specialise in offering doula services to women who have histories of child sexual abuse.

If you’re interested in exploring ways we could work together, please get in touch.