Doula Services

Back in 2005, I returned to Ireland, and realised there were no practicing doulas in the country. As the only practicing doula here, I brought Doula Training to Ireland for the first time that year. Doulas are no longer an unusual feature in lives of families. I continue to practice, but I only work with women who have histories of child sexual abuse. If you would like to have me with you on your journey to parenthood and beyond, please get in touch. I have a sliding scale of fees for this service – depending on your individual needs. An example of what we can work on together are:

  • Unpacking of your feelings around your pregnancy and the upcoming birth

  • Preparing your birth plan

  • Learning how to advocate for yourself with birth professionals

  • Meetings throughout your pregnancy

  • Support during labour and birth (at home, and / or in hospital)

  • Support after the birth, including

    • Breastfeeding Support

    • Baby Care Support

    • Family Support – providing childcare for your other child/ren

    • Helping with the housework

    • Caring for Mum & Dad during the early weeks