The Two Norries

I was very honoured to have been a guest on the award-winning podcast The Two Norries, hosted by James Leonard and Timmy Long for their 95th episode. You can listen to it here.

As of now, I hold the record for the longest interview broadcast by The Two Norries! (Although we only managed to discuss two of my three husbands – but I might tell you about Husband #3 at a later date!)

I’m also aware that – while many people have used the word ‘cunt’ on the podcast, I’m the first to have used the word ‘vagina’. For some reason, this makes me happy. 🙂

On a slightly more serious note, we also spoke about talking to kids about sex and relationships. I wrote about my position (no pun intended) on talking to young people about these matters here. I also recounted the way I spoke to my own daughters, and their boyfriends, about sex and relationships. In that segment, I referred to ‘worksheets’ that I handed to the kids to encourage them to think about their relationships, and the place of sex in said relationships. If you would like to view, or download, that document, you can do so here.

The document I spoke about – the one that made me cry is here.

If you have been affected by any of the subjects I discussed in my conversation with James and Timmy, please feel free to get in touch.