Make Grá The Law


The Rubber Bandits posted this on their Facebook page and I think it’s a fine example of an easy-to-understand graphic. They have distilled all that is essential about the upcoming marriage referendum into this pithy visual.

All the recent talk on the referendum and equality and gay rights has meant a few little surprises for me. I’ve found myself reading something on Twitter or Facebook and thinking ‘God! I never realised she was gay’ or ‘Is he gay? I never knew that.’ I have long since resigned myself to the fact that my gaydar malfunctions. If, that is, it even exists. But do you know what else? I’m not gay, so I don’t need a gaydar. I don’t actually need to know who is in your pants – whether you’re gay or straight – because it’s none of my business. The reason I can’t ‘spot’ gay people is they are exactly the same as straight people: They (generally) look the same – one head, four limbs, ears a back and a front. They think the same – being able to grasp concepts such as 1+1 =2 just as quickly as straights. They love the same – as deeply, passionately and completely – as everyone else.

I don’t care who other people fancy, who they love and who they want to marry. What I do care about is that people have the right, in law, to fancy, love and marry whomever they want. I do not want to marry a woman, but if you do, I think you should have the right to do so. Come to think of it, I don’t want to marry a man (thrice bitten and all that), but if you do, I think you should have the right to do so.

I’ll leave you with this, where you can see that passion and facts win over bluster and speciousness every time.