A Note From Jimmy Carter

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.


I’m not going to bang on about my own experiences of violence, or those of women I have encountered in my personal and professional life. I am not going to draw from my current research and highlight how  obstetric practices leave many women feeling as though the events surrounding the births of their babies was similar to rape. No – for a change, I’m not going to get on my soap-box about anything. I’m going to let a man do the talking.


I know, I know, not like me at all, right? But – every now and again, I have the joy and the privilege of encountering a man who gets it. A man who understands how life is profoundly different for women simply because we are women; a man for whom this doesn’t sit right and a man who desperately wants to change it. A man who (gasp!) is a feminist. Usually, these men are friends of mine who have a very fine grasp of how women and men are equal, just different. Today, however, it was the words of former US President, Jimmy Carter that caught my eye.


I’m going to sit for a minute now, conjuring up in my imagination what the world would look like if the need for a day dedicated to the elimination of violence against women was unnecessary.