Austerity Bites – Day 4

Breakfast today was some of last night’s dhal with left over rice. Bacteria on rice multiplies very quickly, so you can only safely keep it for up to 24 hours in the fridge. Longer than that and it’s potentially dangerous – so chuck it.

By the way, having lentil curry for breakfast is not the same as having left-over pizza! In Asia, it’s not uncommon for people to start their day with curry, and we would do so often when we’re there, and occasionally when we’re here.

Lunch – which the girls prepared – was cheese and crackers, with the last of the cherry tomatoes (all bought on my shopping expedition last week) and a few slices of cucumber.

Later, the girls had oranges and finished off the other punnet of cherries I bought in Aldi (again part of their Super 6 this fortnight) last week.

For dinner, we had naan with Kashmiri Aubergines

and a different type of dhal – urid dhal.

There’s a bit more work in naan than in chapatis, and as I don’t have a tandoor, I just used my electric oven. I have to be very honest here – I rolled the naan too thin, and they were not as fluffy as they should have been. Oops!

The girls have managed to ration their chocolate so there was enough for a bar each, and every time I looked at them I reminded them to drink water, so the bottles I bought last week are nearly gone. There wasn’t money for a new filter for the filter jug last week, and I don’t allow them to drink ‘raw’ water from the tap, so I’m hoping that we can get to the end of Day 6 without anyone suffering dehydration…..

In a spot of good fortune, I found €2 in my jeans pocket when I was tidying. It’s ‘trolley money’ from when I was in the supermarket last week. Joy! I was able to buy some greens.

Recipes to follow!