Happy International Day of the Girl

Today is an exciting day. It is the first International Day of the Girl ever!

We already have an International Day of the Child (November 20th), but the UN was convinced of the need to highlight the plight of girls – particularly in developing nations – and designated October 11th the Day of the Girl. This was achieved, in no small part, by the lobbying and hard work of Plan International.

It’s an opportunity to focus on what still needs to be done to keep our girl children safe; to celebrate the general fabulousness of girls and to focus our efforts on the dangers that uniquely face girls in this world – and try to fix them.

This morning, I’m going to a launch by Plan Ireland, in the Mansion House, to mark the occassion.  The venue made me smile because the Oak Room of the Mansion House (where the launch will be held) is exactly where a group of friends and I had our joint 16th birthday party (one of my friend’s dads was the Lord Mayor at the time).  It seems fitting, somehow, to be going back there again this morning for this event.