I’ve often been heard to say that I don’t like Christmas much, but I do love the New Year. I love the hope, the promise, the belief – nay, the determination – that next year will be better. Some years that’s true, some years it isn’t – but it’s great to start off a new year believing that it will be. 


Most years, I make an effort and either have people in or go somewhere. This year, however, New Year’s Eve in our household will hardly be noticed. I have no desire to do anything but treat tonight as just another night. The girls and I contemplated going into Dublin for the NYE Party, but then my youngest voiced her concern that there might be drunk people there and she doesn’t want to be around drunk people. Fair enough. 


So I’ve sat down to scribble off a blog post. I am not going to compile a list of my 2011 highlights or lowlights. We all know what happened last year – and in our personal last years, and if we’ve forgotten, then maybe that’s for the best. Nor am I going to detail what I want, hope, aspire and commit to in 2012. For all but me, that would be a rather boring list. 


Instead, I’m sitting here, warm, safe and comfortable, listening to my daughters, in the whole of their health, roaring with laughter as they play together. The dinner is simmering on the stove and I have a glass of bubbly (water) to hand. 


Yes, 2011 brought me challenges, it taught me lessons and it reminded me – God it reminded me! – of how blessed I am. 


Thankful may I ever be for everything that God bestows

Thankful for the joys and sorrows, the blessings and the blows

Thankful for the wisdom gained through hardship and adversity

Thankful for the undertones as well as for the melody

Thankful may I ever be for benefits both great and small

And never fail in gratitude for the most divine gift of all;

The love of family and friends that in times of failure and success

O may the first prayer of the day be ever one of thankfulness


May 2012 be your best year yet.