Blessings – Real Friends

I’ve just had a visit from a wonderful friend. I love and value her and the gift of her friendship for a number of reasons.

I love my friend, not because she tells me what I want to hear, but because she doesn’t lie to me.

I love her, not just because she listens; but because she hears what I’m saying: And what I’m not saying.  I love her honesty and her addiction to Truth.

I love how she knows she can turn up at my home, unexpected, unannounced,  and know she’ll be welcome. I love that she can turn up at my home and take us as she finds us. I love that she can turn up for ‘a quick visit’ and, two hours later, start to think about leaving.

I love how well she knows me – and how accepting she is of who I am.

I love how she is not afraid to reveal who she is to me. That she knows she can be herself in my company is a compliment I revel in.

I love that she knows she can confide in me – her darkest moments, her worst fears and her biggest disappointments; but also her  hopes, joys, dreams and triumphs. She knows I will rejoice with her without any trace of jealousy.

I feel privileged to know her and honoured that she has chosen to have me as a friend.

As I grow as a person, she supports, encourages and facilitates my growth. She does not try to squish me back into the box I’ve just jumped out of.  She does not try to tell me that I can only be what I was. She applauds and tells me to keep going – reminding me that I have already come further than I thought possible.

Real friends are a rare and true blessing. And I am truly blessed.