HOPE For All

The Big Book Of Hope launched last Thursday. Proceeds from sales of the book are in aid of The HOPE Foundation and I urge you to buy a copy. It’s a wonderful book packed from cover to cover with pieces that will inspire you; make you laugh; make you cry and make you count your blessings.

On a day in February last year, the idea first came to me. I wanted to do something to help and the idea of a book came to mind – an obvious fund-raising vehicle, I suppose, seeing as I’m a writer. I decided it needed to be a ‘big’ book – because there are plenty of ‘little’ books around – and that each story, written by a well-known Irish personality,  needed to hold ‘hope’ as its central theme.

Getting a wisp of a thought to a proper book of over 400 pages and bearing a ringing endorsement from Vikas Swarup on the front cover was a challenge, but it was worth every moment.

There were a lot of late nights, a lot of emails, a lot of phone-calls, a lot of disappointments, a lot of joy and a lot of lessons along the way. I am delighted with the finished product and the reception it has received from the media and the general public. At lunch-time today, Amazon was reporting that it had just two copies of the book left. That thrilled me plenty, I can tell you.

In a time when the news is dominated by doom and gloom, we can all do with a little lift and a sprinkle of hope.  This book provides exactly that. Why are you still here? Go and buy a copy!