All I Want For Christmas…..

I’m a writer. And I’m a Virgo. This instantly gives you a few vital (!) pieces of information about me:

1.    I love to write.
2.    I love to be organised, part of which means that
3.    I love lists.

In keeping with the festive spirit, I have decided to blog about the things I would like for Christmas. So, here – in no particular order –  is my writerly Xmas wishlist:

  1. A laptop The four year-old i-Mac is sooooo sllllloooowwwww. Keeping multiple applications running and multiple tabs open is draining its life force.  A laptop (I’m so desperate it doesn’t even have to be a Mac) would mean I could take it with me, too! I know I can write on the back of bus tickets if I have to, but I find that I can’t work on current stuff unless I have it with me. I only get new ideas when I’m out. Which is great, but I have work I need to finish!
  2. An iPod Touch Like many writers, I love to have music on when I write. An iPod allows me to take my music with me everywhere. An iPod Touch would allow me to read everywhere, too!
  3. Pretty Stationery. I love stationery because I love writing. I love writing on good, attractive stationery when I send letters and cards.
  4. A lovely pen. I’m picky about what I write with. I like a nice fountain pen, but the one I have is going a bit leaky. A nice one would go with well  my lovely stationery. 🙂
  5. A Ladder to my Attic. You know, like a Stira. That way, I could disappear into the attic when I needed to write completely undisturbed. They’d never think of looking for me there.
  6. A Kettle. I’d like a kettle in the room where I write, so I don’t have to disappear downstairs and risk distraction every time I want a cuppa.
  7. An Anti-Guilt Pill. This would be fabulous for those times when I feel guilty for neglecting the kids when I write and guilty for neglecting writing when I’m with the kids.
  8. Media Directory. Handy to have when you get an idea and would like to know who best to pitch it to. A Media Directory has the answers to all your media questions.
  9. An Agent. I know, I know, but it’s a wish list, right? I’d love to have a kick-ass agent who loves my work and would help me land
  10. A Publishing Contract. There’s nothing more to say about that, is there?